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August 2011



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Aug. 15th, 2011


About Damn Time...

So I know its been forever ( I don't even want to count the days), but here is the new entry at last! i must add that it might have been sooner, had Cael not been too busy trying to take over the world to edit it for me. As always we hope that those who are still with us enjoy. And please don't hesitate to bug Cael until he finally gets the next one done. =]

Here I go again...Collapse )

Jun. 18th, 2010

is this yours?


Soon We'll Be Found

Yeah... We're not dead. Just horrible people and even more so horrible, lazy writers. Not going to waste your time with more excuses, so here you go! ... if you still exist. T3T

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Dec. 29th, 2008


Happy Holidays! Here's a cookie.

A note from Cael: For those of you who have been patiently waiting, you all deserve a million dollars. I swear. And to those of you that may be new, hiatuses are common for us. Don't get your hopes up. Buuuut, we're trying. We really are.

So, here is the next entry, courtesy of Rion. The upcoming entry is, well, upcoming. I'm working on it now, I promise. So it should be done within the next two days. And Rion is anxious to write the next after that, so expect it within a week. What with Winter Quarter starting at college for me and Rion working full-time, but no school, we should be able to get more entries out. No promises, but that's the plan. Now, I know you've all heard me say these same things a billion times before. Maybe Rion should be the one to write the excuses/apologies next.... Buuuut, yeah. Like I said, we're trying. Thank you for the great support and the notes and fanpics (which I shall post soon) some of you have sent us over the months. They've made us smile countless times. So thanks, and I hope you all had a great Whatever-You-Celebrate-During-Winter and that you have a great New Years!!


There are two major rivers that run through Mana, the Crimson and the Witness.Collapse )

Dec. 20th, 2007


Another Day, Another Strange Idea

So, I'm not dead yet, and even more I've posted! Happy Holidays! It's a miracle, I know.

This is only part one and I'm already working on part two. Would have been up sooner, but between me being sick, doing all that make-up work, and the whole waiting tables thing I lost the file this was kept on the first time I wrote it. It was twenty pages then and I'm working on making it to at least 10 this time.

Also, Effy-chan has graced our pitiful, non-updating selves with a new fanart! Click the first cut to see it. I must now bow down and kiss her feet. And write the fic I promised- it's on its way, I swear!

By the way, I know that we're not that "on-top-ot-it" with the entry posting. So if anyone wants a notice in their email when we update, please send word to outside .eden@yahoo.com . Just let us know that you'd like to be added to the alert list for Another Word for Desperate and we'll get you all set up. And for privacy purposes, we promise not to give out your emails or send any of that unnecessary filth that often makes it into our mail. Thanks!

And now to the entry at last!

Oct. 15th, 2007

is this yours?


A ghost? I think not!

Yes, you're not just seeing things. This is an actual post. Hoorah!

I'm really sorry, guys. Things have pretty hectic lately (when is it not?). The excuse this time is me starting college and Rion getting a really nasty case of pneumonia. He's a lot better now, but the few weeks he spent in the hospital was totally not cool -- not for him nor for me. Scared everyone, I tell ya. You all know Rion... he never tells anyone that something's wrong until the shit finally hits the fan, basically. We didn't get him to the hospital until he had collapsed. He had kept insisting that it was nothing but a cold. That idiot... And it didn't help any that I had to leave a few days after he was admitted into the House of Watery Soup and White, White, White (as Rion has so affectionately come to call it.)

So he's been recovering the past month and slowly catching up with his schoolwork. It doesn't benefit anyone to miss the first few days of school. Nope, not at all. Maybe you all could write him some love? God knows he's needed support and encouragement lately what with the sickness, school, work, and Trey off in college as well as myself. He'd really appreciate anything you guys had to say. And I'd be eternally grateful, too.

Honestly, I'm not sure when the next entry will be up, but, damnit, it'll be up at some point! So just sit tight and thank you for your ever-enduring patience. It means a lot to us both.

Thank you.



Baka. I didn't have pneumonia, I had menengitis caused by pnuemaccacous (however that's spelled >< ). And I maintain that it ws just a cold blown out of proportion, even if the doctors made me stay in the hospital for two weeks.

Psh, who believes doctors anyway. That's why they're all imprisoned in the House of Watery Soup and White, White, White.

Right well, I've had to catch up on homework as well as overtime so I can pay off all of the bills from the hospital, but I swear I've been working on the entry- every day in my independent study business class while Mrs. Fairchild isn't watching.

I'm sneaky I know.

PS -- Ignore any random oddities you may see in the community's layout for a while. We're trying to switch some things up so everything works better and is easier to navigate.

Aug. 8th, 2007

is this yours?


1st fanart evurr

Yep. That's right. The amazing has finally happened. WE'VE NOW GOT FANART!!

The wonderful and highly talented artist Effy-chan has been gracious enough to bless us with our first ever fanart.  This image has brought tears of joy, grins spanning ear to ear, and hyperventilation. I kid you not. I've been going extreme-fanboy-crazy over here!!

Without further ado, I give you fanart!

I really don't know what else to say... This has left both Rion and I quite speechless. Please please please check out the rest of Effy-chan's amazing art and leave her a comment as beautiful as her picture. She deserves it very much!!


In other news, because I realize that new readers are tired of this problem (as are we, I'm sure) Rion and I have decided that we will be implementing tags to link to the entries. It's too much to expect newcomers to automatically know that they must go way back to the first entry to read the story from the beginning. We're hoping that these tags will make navigation around this site easier. The reason we've refrained from doing so so far is because I simply hate cluttered sites, but I think you'll all agree this will be for the better.

Also something to look forward to, Rion is working on the next entry. He has been away for 2 months visiting relatives over the summer. And of course, now that he's back, I've been working him like a slave to hurry and finish. (Naturally, I've been showering him with love as well, seeing as we've been apart for TWO months. I'm only mortal and male, people!!) So be sure to look forward to that! And we're so sorry it's been so long since an update. We truly are.

Thank you for your time and continuous support! Don't forget to keep checking back! Oh, and I hope everyone had a wonderful summer!

Jun. 4th, 2007

is this yours?


fallen crowns -- pt.2

A/N -- Okay. To make this short, I just want to give out my sincerest apologies. I honestly did not intend this update to be so delayed. If anything, hopefully this one phrase will clear it all up. "High School Senior Graduation". I'm almost done with school for the year, folks. Almost!! As for Rion, his computer is, yet again, kaputs. In other words, Trey got to it while he was mad. So updates from him might be a tad slower than his usual pace. Which is still a hell of a lot faster than my updates. Anyways, without further ado, I present to you the final part of the "Fallen Crowns" entry.

***Edit: Check out the new poll here: cell4r_door

May. 14th, 2007


Christmas Present -- Pt.2

Christmas Present -- Pt.2Collapse )

Apr. 15th, 2007

is this yours?


fallen crowns -- pt.1

A/N: Okay... now it's time for me to apologize. The past few weeks have been pretty stressful, to say the least. This last week is the only time I've had to relax so far. I know I know. A horrible excuse, but it's the truth all the same. Senior projects, extra school courses, college classes, babysitting, exams, learning to drive, senior pictures, sports, volunteering, scholarships, job applications, field trips, teaching, club/event managing, college orientations, pre-prom activities and the daily teenage life have kicked my ass. Majorly. So... yeah. Now that we're done with my "pity me, oh, pity me" rant... Thank you once again for your wonderful patience!!

PS - This is only the first part of the next entry. The second part is a lot longer, don't worry. I figured I'd give you at least what I have completed. I promise I will try my darndest to get the rest of the entry out within the next day or two. Who knows? Maybe I'll even get it posted before anyone has the time to leave a comment on this one! Haha. Yeah... like this is long enough to leave a comment on anyways. Pshh.. Anywho, yeah... the remainder will be up soon then. Thanks! 

Feb. 25th, 2007


Friday! (I'm in Love)

I wanted to write a quick apology before you guys got to reading because it's taken me so long to get this posted- so, sorry guys. I just got my computer back in working order. There shouldn't be any more technical difficulties. All right, well I know that you don't want to read any lame excuses so, without further adieu, the next entry.

Oh and this hasn't been edited by Cael yet, I didn't want to make you guys wait too long. ^^

ps. check out our first pole on my archive account cell4r_door

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