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August 2011

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fallen crowns -- pt.2

A/N -- Okay. To make this short, I just want to give out my sincerest apologies. I honestly did not intend this update to be so delayed. If anything, hopefully this one phrase will clear it all up. "High School Senior Graduation". I'm almost done with school for the year, folks. Almost!! As for Rion, his computer is, yet again, kaputs. In other words, Trey got to it while he was mad. So updates from him might be a tad slower than his usual pace. Which is still a hell of a lot faster than my updates. Anyways, without further ado, I present to you the final part of the "Fallen Crowns" entry.

***Edit: Check out the new poll here: cell4r_door

Ash caught a ride with Ty and I to school. I didn't pay much attention to Ty telling a story of how 3 random girls asked him to give them a private tour of the campus the other day when it was obvious they went to our school. Ash, being the bubbly young gal she is, giggled every now and then even if only to make it appear that she was listening. Most of her attention was on me, however. I could tell by the feel of her hand upon my shoulder. Ash never casually touches a person. It's always done with a purpose. And she never lets a problem be. After last night's dinner with her, it's not a question of if she'll do something about it; rather, it's when she'll decide to face the issue at hand. Ash-- cute as a button, deadly as a zipper caught in the wrong place. 

The morning was rather boring. College Geology was spent learning to identify rocks. Oh goody. Business was spent, yet again, having my ass kissed by the teacher as she rambled on and on about how "great a man" or how "successful and inspiring" my father is. Lies.  All of it. She knows him no more better than I or anybody else does, save for maybe his secretary (if he even has one). My father is an enigma to the world. 

College Writing was a different story. Apparently, Rion hadn't been able to finish the homework in time for class. I'm guessing he fell asleep during the middle of it last night after coming home from his job. Honestly, I couldn't blame him. Again, this would be one of those instances I wouldn't normally care. But for some reason, seeing Mr. Thomas interrogate Rion just short of the governmental way, I couldn't help but feel... worried. Worried of what, I don't know, though I can say that I never did trust that man's twisted smiles and smooth voice. 

"I d-didn't finish it," he managed to stammer out as he handed in only two handwritten pages of the assignment. His cheeks were red again. I suppose he blushes at almost any situation that could be considered the least bit uncomfortable.

"I see, Mr. Hamilton. Then perhaps you can grace me with your presence after the last bell." 

"Mr. Thomas, I can't-"

"Don't you think you could give me at least a few moments of your time? It will be a shorter time than it would have taken to write that paper."

I could almost hear him take in the slow sigh as he momentarily closed his eyes and replied. "Yes, sir. I'll be here."

Defeat, anger, fatigue, sadness, then numbness. All of those emotions crossed in face in less than 10 seconds. Throughout the rest of the period I stole glances at him every now and then just to see what new emotion or facial expression would arise. Rion is a pretty interesting person to watch. The way he fights to maintain that neutral face... it's almost painful. 

The bell rings and I'm putting my notebook and pen away into my backpack when I hear him call my name behind me. "Cael?"

I turn around in my seat to face him. "I just... er... I wanted to-"

"Caelly? Caellykins!!" I turn back towards the door to see none other than Jessie and the rest of the entourage waiting impatiently.

"Well?" I prompt Rion as I once again turn to face him.

He stares at me for just a moment before answering with a muttered "never mind".  He then roughly shoves his book into his bag and gathers the rest of his belongings. 

I know he wants to say something, but what is it I could have said or done in order to encourage him? I simply reply with a indifferent shrug of the shoulders before standing and meeting the others outside of the class. 

"What were you talking to that freak for, Caelly?" I feel my body tense momentarily as Jessie coldly lets out those words just as Rion walks past her. I merely stand there, not wanting to encourager her behavior nor condemn it. No wonder Rion finds me detestable. 

"Don't worry, Jessie dear." Nathan comforted, patting Jessie's arm gently.  "I'm sure he was just apologizing for what he and his brother did at lunch the other day." 

I doubt that was what Rion had to say to me back in the class, but he didn't show any signs of wanting to protest as he quickly scurried past all of us and into the sea of students during passing. I watched the top of his brunette head fade into the rest of the moving mass.

Ty stopped me from continuing down the hall with the others and waited until we were out of their earshot before asking, "What were you talking to him about, Cael?"

I look back in the direction that Rion had left. Naturally, he was gone from sight, swallowed up by the mass of students hurrying towards their next class. 

"We didn't talk about anything," I answer honestly.



I know about Ty's relationship to Rion. I know all about how those two along with Trey made their own friendly trio even before I had met Ty for myself. I understand that it was because of me that the inseperable became separated. But that was in the past and I wish Ty didn't brood over it so much. If Trey was really the wonderful, caring, loyal-to-a-fault friend that everyone made him out to be why hadn't he tried to befriend Ty once more? Not once have I seen Trey try to talk to Ty. I can say the same for Ty, but... that's Ty. If he feels it will be of an inconvenience to others, he won't bother pursuing it. He hurt Ty and can't suck up his own pride to mend the damage. I don't like Trey. Everyone thinks he's so goddamn perfect all the time. Heh... I guess everyone could say the same about myself. 

"...a seat, I'll be with you in a moment," I hear as I walk up to the doors of Mr. Thomas's room for the second time that day.  When I look into the classroom I can see Rion fishing out his notebook and pen.

I love the expressions his face makes. This time they change from nervous, to agitated, contemplative, back to agitated, then finally settle upon bored. I watch him unconsciously play with the pen in his hand for a moment. The reason I was now standing in the hallway was that I had decided to try and give him a chance. A chance to be a friend, I mean. This wasn't just for me nor for him, but for Ty as well. Maybe becoming friends with Rion would give Ty and Trey an excuse to talk to one another again. Crazy idea, but it's worth a shot. Yeah yeah... that would mean I'm only trying to become friends with Rion because of Ty but... it's not like that. Not entirely. But don't go asking me what I mean because I can't tell you. I don't know why, but Rion gets on my nerves. Why why why, I don't know! But he does... and anything that gets on my nerves, to me, is worth either fixing or exterminating. And since I obviously would not get away with murder in a "peaceful" place like Mana, Washington I suppose the next best thing would be to simply solve said annoyance. Hence the whole "make friends with the kid" mission. .... I have no idea what I'm talking about. 

I take a glance at my watch. 

3:09. Geeze, this is taking a while... I just want to talk to him about the painting. He said there was still more to do.

3:14. Plus his mom was nice. I should think of getting her some flowers too, just to show the appreciation for her kindness. Maybe I'll buy some extra lilies along with Kaa-san's. What time does the flower shop close again?

Just after finishing that thought, I hear Mr. Thomas's voice carry through the silence. "Mr. Hamilton, perhaps you are done day dreaming and we can begin?"

"Sorry, Mr. Thomas..." I can barely make out Rion's response as I'm out in the hallway. I hear the screech of metal against the hard floor. 

"Rion," Mr. Thomas begins, "it's only the start of the school year and you're already missing assignments. I expected more of you." Looking into the class again, I see Mr. Thomas take off his glasses then rub his eyes before placing his spectacles on Rion's desk. 

"When you first applied for this course I was doubtful of whether or not you were..." he contemplated a second for the right word, "mature enough for the responsibility. Specifically, incidents such as today's... you deciding not to do the homework... worried me."

"Mr. Thomas, it won't happen again."

"I went out on a limb allowing you into my class, Rion. You know that you're the first junior to ever take this class. However, your teachers believed that you had great potential and needed the challenge. After the interview, I thought something similar." I watch him rest a hand on Rion's forearm and lean in a bit closer to the kid. "But if you don't think that you can live up to those expectations it's okay to drop the class."

Rion stares at the still hand on his arm before lifting his gaze and answering with the same sureness he had when he told me last night that he was desperate enough to be my friend. "I'm perfectly capable of completing this course."

It's Mr. Thomas's turn to stare momentarily at Rion before nodding his head. "Then you should know that I'm going to push you, Rion. I expect you to do better than any other student in the class, to work harder than them. I'm going to force you to live up to your potential." His gaze drifts back down to his hand upon Rion's arm and he speaks with a more gentle, yet still earnest voice. "But I don't want to be your enemy. Let me be your... friend. Rion, I want you to know you can come to me with anything."

Rion nods then steals a glace at the clock mounted on the wall behind him. 3:19. "May I go now, sir? My brother will be waiting for me."

Mr. Thomas looks perplexed for a moment before lifting the arm not resting on Rion's in order to look at his own watch. "Of course, of course," he mutters before standing. Rion returns his notebook and pen back into his bag before standing in suite and walking towards the door. Mr. Thomas slings an arm around Rion's shoulders as they walk to the door together. I move out of the line of sight as Rion forces a final smile and bids Mr. Thomas a good day as he opens the door. Rion quickly picks up his pace as the door closes and speeds down the hall.

"Wait, Hamilton," I call out, not sure if he was aware of my presence or not. He had made it to the door and turns around with his hand gripping the handle.

"Mr. Thomas is free now. You can go see him." He opens the door and flies down a few stone steps towards the parking lot. I'll be damned if I waited nearly 20 minutes just to get shunned away. 

"Hamilton, wait!"

"What can I help you with, Cael?" His tone and his use of my first name stop me in my walk down the steps and I drop my outstretched hand. Why the hell was I reaching for him? 

I clear my throat before answering him, ignoring the annoyed look on his face. "You're not done with the painting, are you?"

"No..." He looks suddenly confused. 

"Then you still need me." 

He scoffs quietly. "It is possible to do the painting from memory. I don't need to have you for anything."

That hurt almost as much as what he had said to me the previous night. I shook the sudden image of my father out of my head. What was with Rion's change in attitude anyways? When I look up at him from having casted my gaze away, I find that he had already reached the lot. He turns back toward me, contemplating for a moment. 

"But... the painting will be better with the model to paint from." Heh. I loved the forced sigh throughout his reply. "I don't have to work tonight. If you want to finish today, my brother is giving my a ride home. No walking today." Damn. I hate cars... But, he's the one running the show and I'd hate to make the conductor angry. So, I opt for simply nodding. I don't have to like it to do it. 

"Right, well, he's waiting." He starts heading towards the parking nearer the gym. I take a few bigger strides than normal to catch up to him as we make our way towards the back part of the school. He begins humming quietly as we pass a large maple tree. The humming soon evolved into singing. As I turned my head to look at him, I was surprised to see that he looked at ease. Completely at ease. 

"They can't tell me who to be
'cause I'm not what they see.
Yeah, the world is just sleeping
while I keep on dreaming for me.
And their words are just whispers
and lies that I'll never believe."

Abruptly, his singing stopped. He looked over at me with wide eyes as I continued to stare at him. 

"W-What?" His face reddened. God, this kid blushed a lot. I couldn't help but smile.  To see him act so... freely, then suddenly behave as if the whole world were watching him... it was almost as amusing as the many expressions his face let show. 

"Nothing," I said, chucking slightly to myself.  "Just wondering how Trey will react to you bringing home the Prince." Simply a line to change the subject.

He returns my small smile then focuses on the destination ahead. "He did tell me that he wanted me to socialize more..."

The Hamilton brothers were having a little "discussion". No doubt it was about me placing even one toe in Trey's beat up car. I swear, if that piece of junk lasted even 5 more months, I'd personally buy him a new one myself out of shear amazement for his luck. There were rusty holes in the hood, for crying out loud. 

Rion opened the back door closest to the curb for me with a mock bow. "Thank you, good man," I replied with a quiet huff as I stepped in and sat myself down, instantly pulling the seat belt over my chest. I looked to the front of the car, glaring between Trey and Rion, disappointed in their lack of enthusiasm for car safety. Trey glared back through his rear-view mirror. 

"Something the matter, your Highness?" Rion poked him in the ribs with an elbow. 

I simply grasped at the nylon strap over my torso and let it snap back into place. Trey rolled his eyes and returned Rion's jap at the ribs before fastening his own seat belt. 

"Thank you." And I honestly meant that, too. 

Rion attempted to strike up a conversation or two, but that obviously did not go as well as planned. Neither Trey nor myself felt that there was much in the world that was so important that it needed immediate discussion. After 20 minutes or so of lovely silence and the occasional death-glare, the rusty old car managed to pull into the driveway of the now-memorable Building 515 of Fox Towers. 

I found my face buried between the bosom of one Mrs. Hamilton. She held me at arms length as she exclaimed "Cael! It's a pleasure to see you again!" before pulling me in for another tight hug, this time allowing me breathing space. I welcomed the hug wholeheartedly. It's rare moments that I get a glimpse or feel for what it'd be like if Kaa-san were still around. 

"The pleasure is all mine, Mrs. Hamilton. I assure you."

I heard a snort from behind me and turned in time to see Trey march up the stairs to where I assume his room would be. At least, it's their room that most other teenagers storm off to after something agitating occurs. Or so I've heard. 

Rion, who had been standing next to Trey, gave a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders before informing his mother that Trey and I don't particularly get along all too well. His mother gave a slow nod of her head.

"We're going to go work some more upstairs, okay Mom?" Mrs. Hamilton gave me a smile and a quick ruffling of my hair before releasing me. 

"Sorry about that," Rion apologized as we made our way up the stairs with me fixing my hair. "Mom's not used to having a lot of people around the house. She gets a little... excited."

I smiled, even if he couldn't see me as I trailed behind him. "Don't worry about it. She's a nice lady." I couldn't help but think how lucky Rion and Trey were. They'd never know what I knew. At least, I hoped they never would. Even Trey didn't deserve that kind of pain.

We had reached the top of the stairs and were about to enter the attic when Rion stopped, hand resting on the doorknob. He turned to look at me with serious eyes. "I wanted to apologize for how I was acting yesterday, too." Wait... was that just an apology I heard coming from his mouth?

"It was wrong of me to say all of the things that I did, especially when you had been so... courteous. I can be pretty stubborn and I guess I just let my emotions get the best of me-" His eyes were darting around to look at anything but at me. It was easy to see that this wasn't so simple for him. It was also obvious enough from the way the words flowed out quickly, one after another, that I could tell he had been thinking about this since it had happened. I couldn't help but feel a little more relaxed. 

"Rion! It's fine. Stop apologizing for everything." Heh. There he went blushing again. 

"Er... okay, sorry. I mean..." He let out a frustrated sigh. "Never mind." Rion opened the door, walked in and briskly made his way towards his art supplies. 

"Same place?" I called to his turned back, already heading towards the old chair. I made myself comfortable, trying for the same position I had held for hours the previous time I was here. 

"Yeah," he replied after I had already seated myself.

Rion had apologized... That meant he didn't really hate me. Or so I hoped that's what if meant. I couldn't help it. The idea of possibly having a friend... a friend outside of the court and the dull life I led day after day... it made me feel warm. It was the kind of warmness that I've read about in books before, but have never felt myself. I felt... fuzzy, and that's a helluva way to describe an emotion. I outwardly smiled at my own foolish thought and closed my eyes, focusing at the sound of Rion working at his canvas--a sound I could quickly become accustomed to. 

My muscles were screaming in protest a few hours later. Though the position may have looked comfortable, holding it for that long was definitely not something people would do at leisure. 

"Does it always take this long?" I ask, giving in and stretching my arms above my head while sitting up. I glance outside of the one window and see that the sun had sunk considerably. Two hours at the least must have passed.

"The painting? Yes. Sometimes longer." He begins to clean the brush he was just using. I watch the water in the clear cup he's holding turn a little more green. "I'm trying to move kind of quickly with this so you don't have to waste too much of your time."

I stand and walk over to him, peering over his shoulder at the canvas. I swear, my heart skipped a beat. I stared at the painting transfixed. 

"Most of the work left is detail. I don't want to make anything too complicated," he continues. After a few silent moments of me just gapping at his work, I realize this is a moment where I should compliment him. 

"This is really good." I clear my throat quietly and try for a better approach. "An interesting interpretation, but well done," I say as I slowly sweep my fingertips along the very edge of the canvas where no paint is present. It's a painting of me in what is most obviously a throne in that godforsaken position I held with a rather bored/uncaring look upon my face. A silver crown is discarded on the floor. 

"It seemed to fit," he confessed, shrugging. "My imagination usually gets the better of me." He stood up and wiped his hands on his jeans, smearing yellows and reds all over them. "You're job is done." He gestured to the door. I numbly followed in his wake, silently making my way towards the car. I got in without a second thought. 

I told him my car was in the parking lot, thought I knew he could tell it was a lie. I really didn't care, honestly. 

"So..." he began after a few moments that found us simply sitting in the stopped car.  "Thanks for the help with the project." I look up at him just as he looks down and fidgets with his keys in hand. "And for not telling everyone about my family. Whatever truce this was, it was nice while it lasted."

I opened the door and got out. 

What was with him?! How dare he treat me like a disease, then as a potential friend, then as a nuisance once again! It's like finding a stray pet and taking it in only to abandon it like its previous owner. That is how I truly felt at that moment. I felt like a dog that had been kicked and left alone right after feeling the warmth of a home for the first time in a very long time. I just... It hurt. I hurt like hell. Why the hell did it hurt so much?! Like I said before, this shouldn't bother me. It's happened before. Well, in a way, at least. I'm used to people using me because of my social standing. But maybe that's what made this time different. Rion hadn't used me for that. In fact, he hated that part of me, that was easy enough to tell. He had honestly cared for a while. I know he cared. I hoped he cared. Heh... seems like I've been doing a lot of hoping lately, haven't I?

I turned back around and leaned into the open passenger door window. 

"I want to see you... The painting, I mean. I want to see you finish it. Just tell me when." Rion nodded, his golden eyes fixed on me, almost in a surprised state. That's when I saw it. That little flicker of a smile, hidden away as soon as it had peeked out from the corner of his lips. I looked at him a moment longer, warmth spreading through me once more and took a step back onto the curb. I watched as he pulled the car away, his two tail lights fading into the dark. 

Rion Innocence Hamilton, you had better be ready. I'm blaming this sudden dependency on you.


Excellent as always.

I love how Cael and Rion are so interested in one another and how they try so hard to hide it and deny it.. I can't wait until they realise what's going on.

Um, yeah. Not making any sense. Sorry.
I can't wait until Rion realizes too. =D Ah... I love good memories. Heh.

And you made total sense. No worries there. Thank you for the praise!
Wakka, you finished! Yay! (And congrats again on graduation!)

Caellykins. The most disturbing nickname I've ever heard in my life. I'm just gonna make that clear right now if I haven't done so already. (I'm just gonna poke at your pride, but um...the middle name Innocence doesn't sound even half as bad. [hides])

Weh...RION = GOOD ART. Dangit. I might have never seen the painting before, but I'm willing to bet it's better than what I could manage in his amount of time. (Well, that's mostly because I can't stand using paint, but still...) It still sounds wonderful. My brother couldn't finish a painting in that time either! (Oo) (Hmmm..now that you think about it, I hardly ever see HIS art either....Nyeh.)
Eheheh, don't mention this to my brother. Every time he finds out I'm spazzing over art he starts giving me funny looks.

I'll be baaaaack!
(Man, I just noticed that almost all my comments are at least a paragraph long...why?)
Last day of school is tomorrow! *dances is small circles*

Yeah... I'm not all that fond of the nickname myself. It's highly disturbing, if you ask me.

Rion is a very talented artist. Some of the moments I feel most at home is when I walk into Rion's "studio" and find him painting away on his canvas. It feels odd when he's got a blank canvas up. Almost like something is missing.

Well, keep an eye out for the next entry. I hear Rion already has a bit finished. Thanks for being an enthusiastic supporter!
Scareh nicknames ahoy!

I honestly can't recall any nicknames of mine.
Well, other than "Psycho", but that doesn't really count too much...

;_; Rion = GOOD ART. As said by Cael. Wahaha. Haha. Ha. *wishes she could paint*

Yay new entry!
And congrats again! (dangit, that makes 7 for people I know who're outta school...)
hah! i finally got the computer fixed just today, so the entry shouldn't be too late. I'll get to work on it as soon as i finish my term paper- i'd hate to fail english as it's my best subject. ><

so look for the entry some time next week or this weekend. hopefully.
"Hopefully" he says, hoping no one noticed he had his fingers crossed....

Kidding, KIDDING! *is attacked by rabid Desperate Ink fans*
heh, yeah. it's kind of true though. my term paper is killing me- i have to finish it before school gets out on friday. and on top of that i have to do a freaking junior portfolio.

school is evil. TT-TT
That doesn't sound so bad, I mean you're compy's fixed up and you have three or four nights to finish the paper....
Okay, so the portfolio sounds like murder, but um....eh.

And don't worry. We all agree. School is ebil. ;_;


wow. this is so good! i've been reading it since last night (had to stop cuz my internet went down. i was left hanging, the stupid thing) but i returned! i don't have an account here, but i just happened to come across this story and i love it! such wonderful writing! i can't wait to see (or...read....ha) what happens next! i'm so excited!
Thank you so much! I'm sorry to hear about the internet connection thing. I know how that feels all too well. Make sure to bookmark us then since you don't have an account. And Rion is working on the next entry even as I type this. Hopefully he'll update soon. The poor kid has been swamped with exams and projects for the past few weeks, but thankfully he is officially done with all of that as of today. Haha. Unlike me, however, he's still got senior year ahead of him. But then again, I have college in the fall... Gah! Alright. No more rambling.

*ahem* Once again, thank you for your beautiful comment. =D
hey, since you don't have an account if you want notices when we update or anything, feel free to send me an e-mail at outside.eden@yahoo.com and i'll make sure you get a message when we update.

that goes for anyone else as well ^^
You're gonna have to make that a public announcement, love. I don't think too many others will read that hear. Put it on the next entry once you update, k?
you mean HERE?? lol. sorry after all my mistakes i couldn't help but prove that the little princeling is fallible ^^
... Yeah. Thanks for rubbing that in. You know I typed that while on the phone with you, right?

And at least I can semi-handle being told I'm imperfect nowadays. I've come a long way since before and you should be proud of that.
Just one word after stalking this story for who knows how long...


Thank you so much! I'm glad you've stumbled across these writings. I hope you continue to stalk us. Stalking is good. Well, at least in this case it is. ^__^
Yay! A stalker! I promise I'll try to have the next entry up by friday-ish. My parents are taking me out to the lake for the rest of the week so there should be a little more time to write than I've had lately. (so much work, so little time...) That way you'll be able to stalk more!
Eek, I'm so glad I finally got the chance to read the latest update, it was well worth the wait. <33

Poor Caellykins, so confused. ;;

And the description of that painting just stands out so insanely clear in my mind that I'm a bit tempted to try drawing it for myself...
We love fanart- *hint* *hint*. ^^ Next entry soon... in fact the new comments have me inspired (guilted >>) enough to go do that now. And that way Trey can stop nagging me to use the internet. Birds and stones I suppose.
Fanart is HIGHLY encouraged. Rion and I live for -- okay, okay... we're not that pathetic -- but we definitely enjoy fanarts and fanfics of any* kind.

*Plagiarism of these diaries or any persons/events/items used therein does not exist as far as we're concerned. Well, so long as you use it in a constructive way. NO BASHING!! Amusing parodies are welcome, however. ^__^

And of course I wasn't suggesting you'd do any of these. Just thought I'd say it for anyone else bored enough to read all of these comments. I'm sure I'll be repeating this again soon. Rion's excited about maybe making a contest revolving around fanworks.

Anywho, thank you for your comment, once again. And, yes. I am a very poor, confused soul. Huggle me?
Haha~ No worries, among other artists I know how bad that can be, but thankfully its never happened to me either.

Plus I wish nothing more than to lavish you both with praise and fanart, the former in abundance and the latter hopefully soon, once I get through working on commissions. XD

And oh, you poor babeh. ;; *huggles*
Living for the next update! <33
Weeeiiird. I thought Cael is the only one that did that bebeh thing... *sniff* he does it to mock me T-T.

We look forward to both praise and work (trust us, we TRULY TRULY live for it). Next entry... gah. must go slave away before Cael cuts off me fingers... of course then it'd be kinda hard to write. Oh, well.

But yes, off I go to do the next entry now. I swear. Kinda. Ah, well. Must feed rabid plot bunnies at some time or another.
Try typing with yer nose. >_> Maybe that'll help if he does. I've done it once (aaiie, the horrors of Truth or Dare with friends!) Rather, it was a laptop, but still pretty bad. It's a bit like those t-shirts that say "smash your head on keyboard to continue" except that you're making an actual effort to type instead of, well, smashing. (Yay for me being weird!)

Yay, still leaving kinda lengthy comments! Buh-bye now!

Oh yeah, did Cael explain the whole comic mess to you? (^ ^)


Hohohoho~ When Effeh says she's going to do art for someone, it may take her a million years to get around to it, but BY GOD she does do it!


Re: Fanaaartz

to quote Cael- "Ooooh, MY GOD"

You should have heard it when he called to tell me that we had fanart- he was crying he was so happy! Literally, it was funny as all get out. Jeeze, I'm speechless I"m so happy!!


I do believe a one-shot of your choosing is in order. ^^ You can e-mail me at outside.eden@yahoo.com for specifics or just leave a comment here- either way.

Next entry ASAP, I'm not dead, i swear!

Re: Fanaaartz

Wow, I can't believe that such a simple picture initiated such a dramatic response. XD (Not that that's bad ;0!)

You're so welcome, I really enjoyed finally drawing them. <33 And I couldn't help but put the lyrics to 'Friday I'm In Love' in the picture, that song reminds me of them everytime I listen to it now, thanks to Trey. XD

And thank you so much. <33 I will definitely email you about it. ^o^

Re: Fanaaartz

Hooooly crappers! Thank you so much! You completely made my day! I swear, today is like Christmas, New Years, my birthday and Labor Day combined. Thank you thank you thank you! It's so beautiful! I hope you didn't mind me making a big spectacle of it and sharing a link to your DevART gallery. If that's a problem, let me know.

And don't listen to Rion. Something got caught in my eye. I swears. >__>

Re: Fanaaartz

Wow, that many holidays, huh? XD And of course I don't mind, I'm more flattered than anything. <3

Suuuuure, I believe you. C: Although this makes me think that you gaiz need moar fanart. Expect it, but don't wait! As Effy'll just take forever again. D:

Re: Fanaaartz

For you, my dear, I would wait all eternity. ^__~

(Okay... maybe not ALL eternity, but you get the idea.) <3