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August 2011

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is this yours?

haruki_star21 in desperate_ink

A ghost? I think not!

Yes, you're not just seeing things. This is an actual post. Hoorah!

I'm really sorry, guys. Things have pretty hectic lately (when is it not?). The excuse this time is me starting college and Rion getting a really nasty case of pneumonia. He's a lot better now, but the few weeks he spent in the hospital was totally not cool -- not for him nor for me. Scared everyone, I tell ya. You all know Rion... he never tells anyone that something's wrong until the shit finally hits the fan, basically. We didn't get him to the hospital until he had collapsed. He had kept insisting that it was nothing but a cold. That idiot... And it didn't help any that I had to leave a few days after he was admitted into the House of Watery Soup and White, White, White (as Rion has so affectionately come to call it.)

So he's been recovering the past month and slowly catching up with his schoolwork. It doesn't benefit anyone to miss the first few days of school. Nope, not at all. Maybe you all could write him some love? God knows he's needed support and encouragement lately what with the sickness, school, work, and Trey off in college as well as myself. He'd really appreciate anything you guys had to say. And I'd be eternally grateful, too.

Honestly, I'm not sure when the next entry will be up, but, damnit, it'll be up at some point! So just sit tight and thank you for your ever-enduring patience. It means a lot to us both.

Thank you.



Baka. I didn't have pneumonia, I had menengitis caused by pnuemaccacous (however that's spelled >< ). And I maintain that it ws just a cold blown out of proportion, even if the doctors made me stay in the hospital for two weeks.

Psh, who believes doctors anyway. That's why they're all imprisoned in the House of Watery Soup and White, White, White.

Right well, I've had to catch up on homework as well as overtime so I can pay off all of the bills from the hospital, but I swear I've been working on the entry- every day in my independent study business class while Mrs. Fairchild isn't watching.

I'm sneaky I know.

PS -- Ignore any random oddities you may see in the community's layout for a while. We're trying to switch some things up so everything works better and is easier to navigate.



?! Rion no baka!
; - ; but he's still alive, right? right?!
*huggles Rion* (^ ^)

(I've sorta been meaning to ask about the switching around...I came by once and it was red and orange, then the beige one 'cept upside down....now this. It's fun, to say the least.)
Yes, he's still alive (just not kicking quite as much right now). He's pretty close to being back to 100%. Trey's made him promise not to do anything too strenuous until he is completely better. But, again, you know Rion... All Trey and I can do is harass him over the phone. Woe is us. We miss picking on him all the time.

And yeah. The community is pretty effed up right now, but we're working on it! Slowly but surely. Just bear in mind that we have no idea what we're doing. As usual. Lol.
Phone harrassment! Phone harrassment! (Oo)

Playing with backgrounds and code is fun. (Oo) ...for the first two hours. And yay not knowing what you're doing! I never know what I'm doing!
Yay for not knowing what you're doing!

I never do... TT-TT
Yay for not knowing what we're doing! Let's not know what we're doing together! (Oo)

AND YAY YOU'RE ALIVE! *tackle glomp*
YAY!! togetherness!

According to Trey and Cael just barely. *insert eye roll here*

next entry is on the way, I promise.
yay togetherness!

And screw the next entry (although that'd be really really really nice) YOU'RE ALIVE! ; - ;


I'm sorry. I just couldn't halp it. It was burning in my head and I had to get it out. D:


And I drew from memory so it sucks even more, not to mention my tablet is broken so traditional is all I could do. Dx

But poor widdle Rion. ;~; Hopefully this'll make you both feel better. ♥


May I just say--- YUM! I'm so smexy in that piccy i want to lick myself! ^^ i squee every time i see your art, i just can't help it. Heh, Cael has a shirt just like that hanging in his closet, you know... heh heh heh

Trust me that pic makes my weekend. And I'm finishing up the entry this weekend too. (instead of doing my makeup work and studying Heart of Darkness [why Conrad, why did you have to write that book?!]) Take my word for it and never be on the AP track and then miss the first half of the first quarter- you'll never stop making up work. *sigh* stupid menengitis.

For about the 80th time I will have to apologize for lateness, but then better late than never, eh? The next entry shall be dedicated to your wonderfulness. And you never requested your oneshot! You really deserve it now, so make sure you pick a request- anything at all be written, if only you tell us. ^^ You can just leave it in a comment, that'll be easiest.

Hope to hear from you soon! And thank you for the wonderful art again!


ROTFL~ Actually, that's what I wanted it to look like, as if you took one of his shirts. XD

I'm so glad though. <33 I know it's not as good as anything I could do on the computer, but I wanted to draw it nevertheless. xD;

*pets* Awww, well, I don't blame you at all for the wait. If anything if makes reading the next entry all the more worthwhile.

*le gasp* That's rite! As the idiot I am, I completely forgot. In that case I would rather like a oneshot of Aya/Omi from Weiss Kreuz. And if you've never heard of it I'd be more than happy to send you information/other fics for reference. :33

And the same for you, you're very welcome! ♥


May I say that when I saw this, I was basically a mirror image of the Cael in the picture? Yeah... damn us men and our naughty, naughty minds. Haha.

Very beautiful (and smexy!). Rion's right. I do have a shirt that's like that. Hmm... I know what shirt I'll be packing and /unintentionally/ leave lying around when I go to visit Rion. ... crap. There goes my ever-roaming mind again. *winks*

You did wonderfully without your tablet and I will continue to praise you for your talent. Thank you so much for bringing a smile to both of our faces. It really made us feel special. Thanks!