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August 2011

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outside_eden in desperate_ink

Another Day, Another Strange Idea

So, I'm not dead yet, and even more I've posted! Happy Holidays! It's a miracle, I know.

This is only part one and I'm already working on part two. Would have been up sooner, but between me being sick, doing all that make-up work, and the whole waiting tables thing I lost the file this was kept on the first time I wrote it. It was twenty pages then and I'm working on making it to at least 10 this time.

Also, Effy-chan has graced our pitiful, non-updating selves with a new fanart! Click the first cut to see it. I must now bow down and kiss her feet. And write the fic I promised- it's on its way, I swear!


By the way, I know that we're not that "on-top-ot-it" with the entry posting. So if anyone wants a notice in their email when we update, please send word to outside .eden@yahoo.com . Just let us know that you'd like to be added to the alert list for Another Word for Desperate and we'll get you all set up. And for privacy purposes, we promise not to give out your emails or send any of that unnecessary filth that often makes it into our mail. Thanks!

And now to the entry at last!

A lot has happened in the last few days- I finished the painting to start and I suppose the peace between the Prince and I has come to a finish with it. It was eerie while it lasted. Strangely quiet and calm, at least when it comes to the Prince. Nathan is another story entirely.

The Prince's dogs have taken a strangely keen interest in my welfare. And seeing to the fact that it's not all that well. Every day I see them and every day I end up face first into the floor. High school is a joy with them around, I honestly don't know what I'd do if I had to spend tomorrow without them escorting me to my classes, or without the doggy duo fan club helping to make school a happy little hell away from home. Really, I mean, I just couldn't properly experience high school without that.

I wonder how those two became friends. If you think about it they're nothing alike. Except when it comes to torturing me. Nathan is so cold, so calculating... so cruel. Paris on the other hand seems open and friendly, if not a little thick sometimes. He reminds me of a puppy with that long hair that is always falling into his face. In a single word, he seems warm. Maybe they were childhood friends? Though it seems that if they were there would be fewer dissimilarities between them.

And apparently Ash finds this insanely amusing. At least as far as I can tell from that odd cackling noises that she's making while I write. Or maybe she's choking. Should I attempt the Heimlich? How did she convince me to come here today anyway? I think it was something about schoolwork. I guess it's half my fault for taking this long to realize the only class that we share together is art- and she can't paint! And that she's a full year ahead of me in school. I guess I did owe her one for the fight that we had, though it still kind of has me wondering.

At least I've gotten home-baked cookies out of the deal. It's nice not having to provide the melt-in-your-mouth confectionery treats for once. I swear that these cookies are a gift from God or someone. Maybe Mrs. Evans can give me some pointers. She's really nice, but it's weird, she doesn't mind that Ash has strange guys in her room.

"Right..." Ash laughed when I asked her. "Are you serious?"

"Why am I here anyway?"

Ash looked over at me from where she was laying on the bed, still giggling quietly. For a moment she just stared, appearing to think.

"No reason. I just wanted some company since I don't have any homework today." So there was where homework came into the equation. I guess that's what I get for not paying attention.

"Does there have to be a reason? You're my friend." She asked me while she chewed on a cookie.

I had been nibbling on my own cookie and so when she said that I swallowed convulsively at the announcement. While I sat sputtering on the floor (in fear of my life!) Ash just lay on the bed, staring.

"You're friends with the Prince!"

"No, I'm friends with Cael." She patiently corrected. "They're not the same. Actually, you remind me of him."

"Oh, yeah." I rolled my eyes. "We have a Y-chromosome. That's as similar as it gets."

"You know there's more to it than that. You're both stubborn and sarcastic. You both care about things more than you'll ever admit, and, of course, you are both friends with the coolest person in the universe."

Not a beat passed before I asked her, "Cael knows the Dhali Lama?"

I ducked her attempt to slap the back of my head and stuck my tongue out at her- just in time to get smacked in the face with a pillow off of her bed. I swear, if these cookies didn't taste so good, I would've been out of here a long time ago. For a friend, Ash is kind of abusive.

I started gathering my books while she continued to list the supposed similarities between the Prince and I. A quick glance at the clock sitting on the golden-brown wood of her bedside table had told me that it was nearing 4:30.

"Well, I've actually got to get going," I interrupted Ash, "Dad likes me to be home before Trey and his practice is going to get over any time now."


"Yeah," I poked at her, "unlike you I actually have homework that I have to get done."

"True, true." Ash agreed easily, "Do you want a ride?"

It was bad enough the Prince had already seen our little house in the slums. I still can't get that look out of my head and the sneering words This is where you live? ... I don't want Ash to see that. Though it's not as if she lived in a mansion, like I can imagine for the Prince. She has a quiet little suburban house that's still a far cry from anything in the Towers. The last thing I want to worry about is pity from a girl I've only known for about two weeks. At least that's what I told myself. I suppose the truth is that I'm embarrassed.

"Nah, the walk isn't too far from here and I can always call Trey and have him pick me up."

At least it was half-true.

Ash smiled brightly, "All right, I'll see you in class tomorrow."

The walk just from Ash’s house to the school is about 30 minutes, which leave me with plenty of time to think about the things I had been denying to Ash.

I couldn’t believe that anyone could compare the Prince and I- the Prince is suave and cool, with his Japanese blood giving off a hint of the exotic. He’s the kind of person I can easily picture in a black and white tuxedo at a fancy restaurant, with soft piano music playing in the background. There’d be a beautiful girl, Jessie perhaps, in a low-cut cocktail dress hanging off of his arm as he discussed business and politics with CEOs while sipping champagne.

I, on the other hand, am much more comfortable in hand-me-down jeans, worn until just before the holes in the material occur, when the cotton is soft and thin, and an old t-shirt. Whilst Cael the Prince is hob-knobbing with the rich and famous, I can see myself spending time with my family. My mom and brother helping me first to make a pizza and then to eat it; loud music would be playing in the background, that 80s stuff that Trey likes so much. It would be loud, but still quiet enough that we couldn’t hear it over our laughter.

I look up when I reach the corner, waiting for the ‘do not cross’ sign to change, my fingers still absent-mindedly picking at the splotch of blue-green paint I had managed to get on the strap of my bag during art earlier in the day. For some odd reason, I couldn’t get the picture of the Prince in his fancy tux out of my mind. My fingers itched with the urge to sketch it out.

Since I had finished the painting, I noticed, Cael the Prince had been constantly on my mind. Between making up with Ash, with a promise not to get mad at her for mentioning the future Aeturnus exec, and fighting with Trey, it seemed impossible not to.

The light changed and out of habit I still looked both ways before crossing the street.

I was only a few blocks from the school now, which meant I might be able to catch Trey coming home from practice if I was lucky. Knowing this, I quickened my pace. Mom was on her off day, too, so I knew I’d have plenty of time to do my homework. Mr. Thomas’s 5-page story had priority. No way was I going to get caught with detention again.

This assignment would be easier than the last as it was a short story, rather than an essay. Getting five pages would be relatively easy and then I could work on my AP US homework and Physics.

"Feel like giving the runt a ride?"

Trey raised a single eyebrow and slammed the trunk down over his equipment. The latch caught for once and it stayed closed without any other coaxing.

"So is it just you this time, or is the Prince invited too?" He growled, running his fingers through still-wet hair angrily, as though tempted to tear at it. I could relate to the feeling of frustration. No one keeps a better grudge than my brother.

"It was a one time thing, Trey. It won't happen again, I promise. Besides it was just for school." I was being as honest as I could. If I had my way, Cael would never have to ride home with Trey and I again. Talk about uncomfortable silences.

Trey shook his head and leaned forward onto the car, muscled arms flexing as he rested his weight on them. He took a deep breath and exhaled. When he looked back up at me he was smiling again.

"I guess I have to forgive you, runt- but only because I can't listen to one more minute of your whining. Now get in the car. I'm way past ready to head home; it's been a long day." He walked over and pulled the door to his car open, barely waiting for me to get in before he started it and headed off for home.

We've always lived in the same place, the little gray house in Fox Towers, but it seems to me comparing how it is now to how it used to be would be like comparing night and day. Of course there are those that would call me a liar- say I wasn’t remembering anything correctly. I suppose that’s true enough. Essentially, nothing has changed about the Towers. They were still home to drug and gang activity, as well as host to the less fortunate, the poor. I guess back then I just hadn’t lost those silly rose-tinted glasses yet.

Those were the days back when Dad was still working at the UST- the local toy factory in town before it closed down. He was happier then. He never drank and he had something to wake up for. We used to be close then.

I remember every summer Dad would spring for a fishing license and then he’d wake Trey and I up early in the morning, before the sun rose even. We’d go down to the lake or one of the rivers and he’d set us up with fishing poles and pop and we’d just stay there all day long. It didn’t matter that we hardly ever caught anything. What mattered to us was that we had that time together, the three of us. Not whether we talked and laughed at ourselves or just stayed silent.

I miss those days.

Five or so years ago the factory shut down, closing its doors for the last time on its employees. It was one of those days you always remember, a series of moments burned into your mind by its morbidity.

I was young then, only just about to turn twelve. We came home to our little grey house after school, like any other day, laughing at some (probably lame) joke Trey had told me and planning our next adventure with Ty. I remember thinking how quiet the house was- usually Mom was home from work and singing in the kitchen while she worked on an early supper or made a snack for us. That day there was only silence.

God, I remember the look on Dad’s face, tired and hopeless. Suddenly stricken by time. That was the first time I ever really thought about how old my parents were, not that they were ancient- they had married young. Only days after Mom had turned eighteen, they had eloped. Neither of their parents were happy, to say the least. Two old-world families from countries full of spite for each other, full of old-world traditions. Dad was from an Irish family, his father so fresh off the boat he spoke with a thick Irish brogue. Mom on the other hand, well, she was descended from a “great and noble blood”, the very nobility that had lorded themselves over the native Irish. Needless to say, it came as no surprise when my mother’s parents disowned her and Dad’s father, my grandfather, didn’t forgive him until Trey was born.

Those kinds of events leave their mark on any man, but it wasn’t something I’d ever been able to notice behind my father’s warm eyes and wide smile. After that day Dad never smiled much.

He tried to find a new job, applied at countless places and went through a series of interviews, but he was always under-qualified for the work he wanted and too prideful to take the jobs they did offer. After a few months anyone would lose hope. After a few years… you end up the man I now loathe to call father. Hopeless, angry, pathetic, and drunk.

Now it’s almost a small miracle when Dad and I can get through being in the same room for a semi-extended period of time without getting into a fight, let alone get along being in the same house together.

“Food’s cold.”

I had to hold myself back from snatching the plate back and returning to the sanctuary of the kitchen. I'd had my hopes for getting my time to do my homework dashed the moment I'd said hello to Mom. Her voice had been unusually weak when she'd greeted me, her eyes were squinted slightly, and every so often she would lift a hand to rub at her temples- all of the classic signs of an oncoming migraine. I'd sent her up to bed with a few aspirin and little protest. Trey went up with her to make sure she actually went to bed and to make her comfortable.

That left me to make supper. The food was quick and simple, just a hamburger and fires. Usually I'd say it's impossible to leave someone unpleased with something so easy, but... well, it is my father.

"Sorry, I got a little distracted while I was serving it up." Maybe if you'd get off your ass and get it when I said it was ready it wouldn't be cold.

"What is this?"

"I don't know, Dad. Most people call it a burger, or supper, your pick."

"Watch your tone, boy." He growled. Can you believe a grown man growling at his own son?

"I have a name, you know. It's Rion. You'd think you'd remember, seeing as you're the one who gave it to me." I reminded him, still keeping my voice somewhat civil. Or at least trying to.

He grunted and turned back to the fuzzy television, eyes following the gesture of the sports announcer on the screen. The food was already forgotten on the end table beside the couch. Ignored again, I decided to just give it up for once and return to the kitchen. I made myself a plate and then took it upstairs with me. I set up at the desk and was just sitting down to eat when Trey came in carrying his history book and binder.

"How'd Robespierre die? Reign of Terror bit back, right?" He asked after he'd settled himself on the bed, on top of rumpled sheets.

"Yeah, they ended up sending him to the guillotine, same bloody death he'd inflicted on hundreds of others." I told him, while I searched through the book for the equation for my physics problem. Generally, when I had a night off, this is how I spent the evening- bouncing homework answers off of each other with Trey. It was nice and calming after a rough day of school and work.

"Hey, runt." I looked up at Trey, who's eyes were still reading lines from his history book.

"What do you want, wonder-boy? More questions about the secrets of the French Revolution?" I set down my pencil and stretched my arms up and above my head. Physics was so tiring.

"Nah, even I can get that one down pretty well." He smiled and glanced up at me, shaking his head. "He still loves you, ya know?"

"Sure he does."




What a wonderful Chirstmas present it was to have an update! It took me until yesterday to catch up on the story ( and find time) so I could read the newest entry. Excellent as always, but now I will be impatiently awaiting the rest of the conversation!
Keep it up guys, this is really good stuff.

Re: Yea!

thanks for reading, we just love hearing how great we are... i mean love when people comment. ^~

I swear I'm writing the next part now, and as an extra thing to wait for i'm writing a winter special too!
"Cael knows the Dhali Lama?"

Damn...*I* wanna know the Dhali Lama...(kidding! *is whacked*)

Man....your half beats Cael's half (or 1/7th or some other fraction he claims is equal to 1/2) any day. (Oo)

Crap...when did this update....the 20th? Gaah. Crazy blog-spamming friends must've knocked it down so far on the friend's page I didn't see it. Whoops. Sorry 'bout that, won't happen again. Maybe Kai should sign up for this email thing. Argh...

Okay, I've eaten up enough space already, baaaai!
Yay for replies!

Hah, i knew i could beat him deep down inside. I now have two things to brag about- most comments and a longer half entry.
Right, so there's more on the way like I said. And maybe in the meantime i can get Cael to set up a contest or something. Depends on how many people comment on the entry.

Thanks thanks thanks for the read!
Yay! Contest!

AAARGH Rion help meee! High school application essays are evil!
HIII RION (and Cael too, if you're there ) In Hong Kong right now and hijacking my friend's computer! xP

crappy 'net connection at the hotel (hence the hijacking) and no one's around when I'm on! (stupid time zone difference..blah) aaand basically I can be totally sure this'll reach you at some point (stupid email keeps dying on me and nothing works any more! *dies*) and I REALLY need to talk to people so uh....yeah, HI!
Heya ^^

so Hong Kong, eh? sounds like fun. I wanna go to Hong Kong TT-TT I understand the whole time difference thing, though. Been there. 'tis not fun.

Anywho, happy new year!


Hong Kong's boringgggg
trust me, you got the better end of the deal :D
seriously, like bleh.

^^^ from meh HK buddeh (who's computer I hijacked! Again!)

Lies. Lies. HK's fun. Really fun. US is booooriiing (aha, Ying Ying, I have him to back me up!)

Time difference driving me crazy aaaargh T_T So many people I needa talk to (missing out on school is bad, I'm thinking you know that already.....*cough*)

Happeh new year to yeh too! (Oo)

Right, me. Forgot to sign on. Aaaargh....(can't even work computers any more!)

done that before too.

bleh, missing school sucks (once you're back anyway). I finally have all of my makeup work done and we're only most of the way through the second quarter! w00t.

I am not looking forward to school on thursday. TT-TT
In exchange for some bribing with band merchandise and some soft and squishy things, I got two of my friends to email my homework every night. Woo, Caitlin not screwed, Caitlin not screwed! *victory dance*

Boo school. School bad. (and it's too damned early in the morning!)
An update! Man, that definitely put a smile on my face. <33 I was starting to miss the shenanigans of Cael and Rion, haha~

I love learning about their families a little more too, it's interesting to know that poor little Rion's father wasn't always such a jerk. XD
yay for shenanigans! and for the fact that i'm going to try and update tonight! hopefully my attention span will last long enough to type up the rest of it.

thanks, as always for everything ^^


i NEED more

I've fallen in love with your story, you really need to post more, it's not nice keeping fans waiting :P
i'm begging you, please post more soon!!!


Re: i NEED more

heh, you can blame the wa state school board for there not being any updates lately-- senior project work sucks. But rest assured that i am working on it as well as a couple of other projects! And the update will be out ASAP.

Thanks for reading!
Oy vey! Merry Chrimmas, yo! (or whatever it may be that you celebrate) Huggles all around, eh? haven't heard from you guys in a while so hope you both're doing okay!